What is Simplicity coin?

Welcome on our community website, here are few facts that will enlighten you about Simplicity coin. Take you time to read our articles and join us on our social media!

Great community

Simplicity coin is a gathering of skilled and nice people, you will always find someone to talk to.

Advanced technology

With the implementation of Proof of Stake and Masternodes, you can do more than mining to get new coins!

Win new tokens with your wallet

Let your wallet run and watch your savings increase each day with our 23% annual stake.

Get help

You can find many guides to read to help you get started quickly. If needed, you can find additional help on our Discord channels.

Anonymity code

Simplicity uses the latest blockchain innovations to ensure anonymous sends, because you are the only one to manage your privacy.

Everyday improvement

The Simplicity development team works hard to provide a stable and clean product, suitable for everyone!

You are now invited to start using our product for free!

Cryptocurrency has never been so easy to use, join our Discord channel and download our wallet!