Logo contest


Logo contest

We announced that our logo contest runs until Saturday 17th March on our Discord channel !

Few rules : one logo per person, more than 1200×1200 pixel, dominant color is Red (can be different variation of red).

Theme is : hot and welcoming like a nice fireplace in your living room, it must reflect the simplicity to use cryptocurrency. Please save your vector file too.

Reward : after community poll, we will keep the 3 most beautiful logos and then we will start a new voting session to elect the winner.

The 3 winner will have 50 000 SPL each, the winner will have 50 000 SPL more after final election.

  • Kryptocoin add 50 000 spl for the winner!!!
  • TheDawness add 50 000 spl for the winner !!!
Join the contest !

Join the contest !


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